Food influencer Zeina introduces products with flavours of the Middle East

Food influencer Zeina introduces products with flavours of the Middle East

Food influencer Zeina introduces products with flavours of the Middle East 1600 900 Evanoff Group

Zeina Mourtada, who blogs under the name “Zeina’s Kitchen”, has taken Sweden by storm and is now one of the country’s best-known food bloggers. Zeina is now introducing her own products under the brand “Zeinas” through Ica and Coop.

Zeina has built up a loyal group of followers, with hundreds of thousands of followers on social media, several best-selling cookery books and frequent appearances on food programmes on TV. This new food brand has a focus on food with flavours from the different cuisines of the Middle East, flavours that are close to Zeina’s heart. Zeina’s hope is that her products will open the eyes of more people in Sweden to the food and the exciting flavours that she loves so much.

Zeina, can you tell us what it is like to introduce products under your own name in food stores the length and breadth of Sweden?

– It feels unreal! I’ve been working on this project for just over a year, and now it’s finally time to introduce them. I’m so incredibly proud of the products, and I can’t wait to share the flavours of the Middle East with everyone in Sweden.

One of the products you are introducing is hummus – how is your hummus different from other similar products on the market?

– My hummus is made from scratch from whole boiled chickpeas. It has a smooth and creamy consistency, and with the right balance between acid and salt, just like a proper hummus should have.

Initially, the range will consist of meze favourites such as fresh falafel and several tasty dips. The products are being introduced in week 16 at Ica and Coop stores throughout Sweden.

  • Falafel, 200g
    Tasty chickpea balls that are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Zeinas falafel is flavoured with the classic seasoning mix of parsley, coriander, cumin and onion. Falafel is a popular favourite that goes really well with salad, in pita bread or on the meze table. Serve with hummus, muhammara or other Middle Eastern dips.
  • Hummus Original, 200g
    A creamy and tasty chickpea dip, made from whole boiled chickpeas. It is smooth and creamy, and with just the right balance between acid and salt, it tastes just like a proper hummus should! Hummus is a favourite on the meze table, but it also goes really well with falafel or hamburgers.
  • Hummus, Sun-dried tomato, 200g
    A creamy and tasty chickpea dip. Made from scratch using whole boiled chickpeas and flavoured with sun-dried tomatoes to make it even creamier and tastier. Perfect with meze, pita bread and hamburgers, or as a dip for vegetables.
  • Hummus, Chilli, 200g
    A hot, smooth, creamy and highly-flavoured chickpea dip, made from scratch using whole boiled chickpeas. Our hummus with chilli is a favourite with meze, with wraps or on hamburgers. Also ideal with a barbecue or as a dip with evening snacks.
  • Muhammara, 170g
    A spicy paprika dip with the delicious added sweetness of pomegranate. Roasted sunflower seeds give this muhammara a wonderful texture and a nutty taste. Muhammara naturally goes really well with the meze table and falafel, as well as with barbecued food or as a dip!
  • Hummus Mix, 210g
    A convenient mixed pack containing all three of our hummus variants. The same smooth, creamy and expertly prepared hummus in one handy pack. Perfect for those who can’t choose or who want to try several flavours at the same time.

You can find these products in your store’s chilled foods counter. All the products are vegan.

Behind the Zeinas trademark, Zeina Mourtada is joined by Evanoff Group, owners of Paolo Roberto’s Italian food brand Paolos and premium sausage-makers Taylors & Jones, among others.

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