Havredals enters partnership with the Evanoff Group for sales to food retailers

Havredals enters partnership with the Evanoff Group for sales to food retailers

Havredals enters partnership with the Evanoff Group for sales to food retailers 2000 1342 Evanoff Group

From February 1, Evanoff Group will assume responsibility for the sale and marketing of Havredals products to food retailers in Sweden. Evanoff Group is one of the leading entrepreneurial groups in the Swedish food industry and has invested in numerous Swedish food companies.

Havredals sells healthy, plant-based Swedish products. The company currently has three products on the market: Havredryck Original, Kafé och Kondis, and Hädde, a single-cream product for use in cooking. More products will arrive in spring 2022, both within the plant-based dairy segment and in other product categories. Havredals was launched on the Swedish market in early 2020 and in just a short time has established sales in over 750 grocery stores. Today, Havredals’ products are featured at both ICA and Bergendahls. The products are also sold at Mathem.se and in many Coop, Axfood and independent stores.

Havredals is now taking a leap forward with food retailers by entering a collaboration with the Evanoff Group, a move which will provide additional resources for the company to be able to work even closer to retailers and gain an increased presence in shops. The collaboration includes strategy and planning, relationships with existing stores, sales to new stores, customer engagement and in-store marketing activities.

“The collaboration with Evanoff Group gives us access to expertise, experience and a very strong network among food retailers.  In combination with our own in-house knowledge of developing plant-based food products, this gives us a competitive edge so that we can provide attractive offers to shops throughout Sweden,” says Per-Johan Thörn, Havredals founder and CEO.

Dani Evanoff, founder and CEO of Evanoff Group commented: “We have followed Havredals development over the past year and we are very impressed with the products. There is currently enough room on the market for all-Swedish, plant-based premium products of the excellent quality offered by Havredals. With our expertise in sales development, we believe that we can take the brand to the next level and that many new consumers will become aware of Havredals.”

Sales of Havredals products to the hospitality industry (HORECA) are done in collaboration with Martin & Servera, Svensk Cater, Bageriprodukter and outofhome.se.

For further information, please contact
Pär Uhlin, Acting Communications Manager, Havredals

Ken Nygren, Head of Marketing & Brand, Evanoff Group

About Havredals

Havredals produces plant-based foods based on Swedish and Nordic raw materials. The company is based in Uppsala and launched its first product, Havredryck Original, in early 2020. Today, Havredals products are available in stores all over the country. The company’s vision is to combat climate change and the health problems faced by our modern society.

About Evanoff Group

Evanoff Group is an entrepreneurial group focused on primarily investing in and running small to medium-sized companies in the food industry. Evanoff Group’s model is based on combining committed and driven entrepreneurs together with cutting-edge expertise, experience and networks to create a strong foundation for taking portfolio companies to the next level.

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