Evanoff Group acquires breakfast challenger Färsking

Evanoff Group acquires 100 percent of the shares in the food company Healthy Heroes AB, the company behind the granola brand Färsking.

The idea that resulted in the Färsking brand started back in 2014 as a UF-company by the founders Amanda Larsson and Calle Rosengren. Much has happened since then, and the company has been supported by heavy investors over the years in the fight to enable healthier food options for young people. Today, Färsking is a significant player in the granola and cereal category, with products listed in all grocery store chains in Sweden.

“There is always a need for challengers like Färsking in the market. Amanda, Calle, and the Färsking team have made an impressive journey in a tough industry. Now it’s time for the next step, and we are very excited to continue the journey and take Färsking to new heights”says Dani Evanoff, founder and CEO of Evanoff Group.

Healthy Heroes AB had a turnover of over 15 million SEK in 2022, and the company’s range consists of three different flavors of granola and two different flavors of cereal.

Färsking’s journey has only just begun, and we are very excited that Färsking is now becoming part of a larger context, where the brand can reach its full potential and make an even greater difference in the health of young people”, says Amanda Larsson, founder and CEO of Healthy Heroes.

The parties have agreed not to disclose the agreed purchase price.

For further inquiries, please contact:
Ken Nygren, Head of Marketing & Assortment at Evanoff Group: press@evanoffgroup.se

About Färsking

Färsking was founded in 2016 by then 18-year-old Amanda Larsson and Calle Rosengren with the vision of creating products that give young people the energy to create positive change. The idea grew out of frustration that there were few healthy food products targeting young people on the market. Either the products contained large amounts of sugar and additives or they were designed for a more adult audience. Färsking wants to make it easy for young people to make healthy choices in the breakfast, snack, and on-the-go segments. Färsking launched two granola products in approximately 400 stores in 2018.

Today, the brand has 5 products sold in all major grocery store chains in Sweden (+1300 stores). Färsking’s award-winning products have been voted “Product of the Year” by consumers in both 2020 and 2021.

About Evanoff Group

Evanoff Group is an entrepreneur-driven business group that primarily invests in, operates, and develops small to medium-sized companies in the food industry. The portfolio includes brands such as Zeinas, Lakritsroten, Taylors & Jones, Fiorelli, and Nordiskt Lakritskök.

Founders of Färsking, Calle Rosengren and Amanda Larsson.

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