Our aim is to create a tastier daily experience for everyone.

Business concept

Evanoff Group is an entrepreneur-run group of companies with a primary focus on investing in and running small to medium-sized companies in the food sector. We believe in committed and motivated entrepreneurs who, together with our expertise, experience and networks, can create a strong basis for taking our companies to the next level.


Our strategy is based on retaining the company’s entrepreneurial spirit in order to ensure the commitment and motivation that is always required in order to succeed. We bring knowledge and capital, as well as giving the entrepreneur access to our infrastructure of support functions. It is an unbeatable combination that enables progress and, ultimately, a realisable life work.

Core values

Our core values are our lodestar in everything we do. They have been created to act as our constant reminder of what we stand for and who we are.


Taking risks is part of our existence and the sole reason why we get to do what we love doing the most on a daily basis.


We’re not re-inventing the wheel. We rely solely on our drive and our ability to run faster and smarter than everyone else.


If a company grows, so does the person. For us, these phenomena are indivisible.


We act and live in the present and never close our eyes to reality.

Dani Evanoff

Having sold the Candyking group to Cloetta, I am now ready for the most exciting and fun challenge of my life: Building up Evanoff Group into one of the leading entrepreneur-run groups of companies within the food sector. I feel both fortunate and proud to get to work on a daily basis with people who radiate passion and a very real desire for change. There is no better medicine for keeping you young – that much is certain.


Evanoff Group recruits Product Manager from ICA 6000 2766 Evanoff Group

Evanoff Group recruits Product Manager from ICA

Evanoff Group investing in Lakritsroten!! 1800 1200 Evanoff Group

Evanoff Group investing in Lakritsroten!!

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