Evanoff Group investing in Taylors & Jones

The purchase will see Evanoff Group taking over parts of the operational running of the company, which will mean responsibility for central customer acquisition, field sales, business development, marketing, logistics etc.

It has been announced that Evanoff Group, headed up by serial entrepreneur Dani Evanoff, is set to be the largest single owner of the sausage manufacturer and food brand Taylors & Jones.

“Taylors & Jones is a perfect fit for our portfolio, and I’m looking forward to working with the company’s founders to further develop the brand, the products and the company,” says Dani Evanoff, CEO of Evanoff Group.

“We are seeing a lot of brands cutting back on their own sales forces, which is the opposite of our strategy. We are expanding our sales force in order to be able to increase our in-store presence and so boost the distribution of our products. For us, presence, strong relations and customer focus are the key to success,” continues Dani Evanoff.

In 2007 the three friends, David, Gareth and Kerim, started a small butcher’s shop in Kungsholmen in Stockholm. They now run the food brand Taylors & Jones, manufacturing and distributing their own sausages to ICA, Coop and Axfood.

The shop in Kungsholmen is still there, but the production of sausages, which continues to be an artisanal process, has been moved to larger premises.
Now the company is entering a new phase, with Taylors & Jones becoming a part of Evanoff Group.

“It really is fantastic becoming a part of Evanoff Group, which in so many ways will be able to help take Taylors & Jones to the next level”, says Gareth Jones, joint founder and CEO of Taylors & Jones.

“Getting to share Evanoff Group’s wide expertise in everything from sales to marketing, business development and logistics means that we can focus even more on creating Sweden’s tastiest premium sausages,” adds Gareth Jones.

For more information, please contact:

Dani Evanoff, VD på Evanoff Group
073-503 97 97 eller dani.evanoff (at) evanoffgroup.se

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