Taylors & Jones introduce Swedish Vienna sausage to enhance their product range

After a little over 10 years, the sausage-makers Taylors & Jones are introducing a tougher and sassier image in order to stand out on the supermarket shelf. At the same time, they are expanding their range with the addition of Vienna sausages made from Swedish meat. Their new identity is intended to make the brand’s products stand out to both customers and consumers and to put the emphasis on flavour.

“Taylors & Jones’ new identity is something completely new in the sausage category, while at the same time the name has long been familiar to Sweden’s sausage enthusiasts. While other people talk about traditions and grandad’s family recipe, we focus on the flavour – and ultimately it’s the flavour that makes the difference,” says Mikaela Kroon, who is the Product Manager for Taylors & Jones at Evanoff Group.

Taylors & Jones uses only the best raw ingredients – meat from Sweden flavoured with herbs and spices from all over the world. Now, for the first time, shoppers can choose a Vienna sausage containing 73% Swedish pork and beef. The sausages are available in 300 g packs and they will be on sale at ICA as of week 40, with a recommended retail price of 39.90 kronas.

“We find the commonplace boring, and flavourless is… just flavourless,” says Gareth Jones. “That’s why we have decided to do things our way. It took us a decade to launch our own Vienna sausage. Now it’s finally here, it is without doubt the best-tasting Vienna sausage on the market – if I do say so myself.”

Taylors & Jones’ fresh and smoked sausages have long been available at ICA, Coop and in their own shop on Kungsholmen in Stockholm. All their sausages are made in Stockholm and the meat is of course raised, slaughtered and prepared in Sweden.

For more information, please contact:

Ken Nygren, Head of Marketing & Brand på Evanoff Group, 073-751 07 33 or ken.nygren(at)evanoffgroup.se

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