Zeinas to launch Tahini in practical and no-mess squeeze bottles

Sweden’s biggest food influencer, Zeina Mourtada, is launching her own Tahini in practical squeeze bottles under the brand “Zeinas”. When Zeina herself presented the new product on Monday evening to her hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram, the response was overwhelming.

“I’m in shock!” says Zeina Mourtada, founder of the Zeinas brand. “After just a few hours the Instagram post had got over 12,000 likes and hundreds of comments. I’m so happy and grateful for the response, and I hope that more people will discover the fantastic flavours and products available in the various culinary traditions of the Middle East.”

“I’ve always wondered why the packaging on the market was so impractical, and judging by the comments on Instagram, there are a lot of people who think the same. It feels very good to be able to launch a really high quality Tahini that at the same time guarantees mess-free food preparation,” adds Zeina.

Tahini is a basic product in many Middle Eastern cuisines. This smooth and tasty sesame paste is used as a flavouring in food preparation and is, among other things, one of the main ingredients in the popular chickpea dip, hummus. Zeinas Tahini is made from 100% roasted and crushed sesame seed and is also entirely additive-free.

“Tahini is an obvious ingredient in my Hummus and in the Tarator falafel sauce – but Tahini has so many other uses! Tahini mixed with runny honey is delicious poured over yoghurt, fruit salad or breakfast porridge,” explains Zeina.

Zeinas Tahini in squeeze bottles contains 350 grams and is already available at ICA.

As of week 7, the product will also be available to purchase at Coop, Willys and Hemköp. The recommended retail price is 39.90 kronas.

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