Zeinas Hummus Mix in the running to become Grocery Product of the Year – competing against the food giants

This past Friday, Zeinas Hummus Mix was presented as one of three nominees for the prestigious Grocery Product of the Year award. This prize is awarded every year by the Swedish Food Retailers Federation to a product whose launch has been particularly successful, contributing to the development of the category and meeting a new consumer need.

In addition to Zeinas Hummus Mix, Finn Crisp Snacks from Lantmännen Cerealia and Små Lussekatter (Small Saffron Buns) from Pågen have also been nominated. The final winner will be voted on by industry workers and will be presented on the 6th of October at the Swedish Food Retailers Federation’s Autumn Meeting at Berns in Stockholm.

We’re incredibly proud and happy that Zeinas Hummus Mix has been nominated for one of the most prestigious awards in the industry. This nomination gives us extra energy to continue contributing with products that add value both for consumers and for the industry in general” , says Dani Evanoff, CEO of the Evanoff Group.

According to sales statistics from NielsenIQ, Zeinas Hummus Mix has driven nearly 60% growth in the category and achieved a weighted distribution within the food retail industry in Sweden of 64 percent.

The Zeinas brand is owned and operated by the Evanoff Group together with food influencer Zeina Mourtada.

About Grocery Product of the Year:

The Grocery Product of the Year award is given out by the Swedish Food Retailers Federation. The judges’ panel consists of representatives of the food retail industry, NielsenIQ, and external experts from the Stockholm School of Economics. The market analysis company NielsenIQ is a partner and supplier of the quantitative sales data as well as of insights into the work of the judges’ panel.

The award has been given out each year since 2006. For more information on the award, the criteria and the judges’ panel visit https://www.svenskdagligvaruhandel.se/arets-dagligvara/

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