Food influencer Zeina Mourtada launches new time-saving and tasty products

Top Swedish food influencer Zeina Mourtada launches the “Quick n’ Easy” concept under the self-titled brand name Zeinas. Quick n’ Easy from Zeinas is a range of five rice and bulgur-based products, which are microwaved to perfection in just two minutes.

“Cooking rice and bulgur is an art! Since the time I began blogging my followers have requested tips on how to succeed in cooking perfect batches of rice and bulgur,” says Zeina Mourtada, founder of the Zeinas brand.

“Perfection isn’t easy, but the Quick n’ Easy products help tackle one of the problems many people face in the kitchen. So, now everyone can achieve perfect results in just two minutes,” Zeina continues.

“This is precisely what I aimed to do. I want to inspire people to discover new flavours and by making cooking easy I hope that more people are able to experience all of the rich flavours, smells and colours that Middle Eastern cuisine has to offer,” Zeina explains.

The Zeinas Quick n’ Easy range consists of five different products, all of which are free from preservatives and colouring agents.

  • Zeinas Basmati – Quick n’ Easy
    Tasty, aromatic and fluffy long-grain basmati rice with a delicate core.
    Carefully selected and prepared for the best flavour and consistency.
  • Zeinas Jasmin – Quick n’ Easy
    Aromatic and tasty jasmine rice of the highest quality. Carefully selected and prepared for perfect stickiness and consistency.
  • Zeinas Bulgur wheat – Quick n’ Easy
    Rich and tasty bulgur wheat with a fluffy consistency. Gently roasted and carefully prepared for the best flavour.
  • Zeinas Basmati & Lentils “Smoky Oriental” – Quick n’ Easy
    An exciting mix of aromatic basmati rice and green lentils, with flavours inspired by Middle Eastern cuisine.
  • Zeinas “Paprika” Bulgur wheat – Quick n’ Easy
    Beautiful and tasty bulgur wheat flavoured with paprika, onion and a touch of chili.

The innovative Quick n’ Easy packs contain 250 grams and are enough for two portions. Perfect results after just two minutes in a microwave oven.

Zeinas Quick n’ Easy products are available at Coop, Willys, City Gross and Hemköp. The recommended retail price is 19.90 kronas per pack.

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